Fall 2019 Beauty Bible

Well, it’s official. The leaves are changing, the air is a little more brisk and pumpkin spiced everything has invaded all aspects of our lives – it’s Fall once again, ladies and gentlemen!

While summer is my season of choice, this time of the year still does excite me. Whether it’s overhauling our wardrobes or redecorating the apartment, it’s the time of the year for something new and fresh.

For this particular article, we are focusing on our Fall beauty routine and I couldn’t think of a better person to ask other than Cityline’s on-air beauty expert Bahar Niramwalla. With over 10 years of experience as a makeup artist, TV personality and editor, Bahar has established herself as the go-to authority for all things beauty, lifestyle and men’s grooming.

So of course, I couldn’t wait to pick her brain on what we should be doing this Fall when it comes to the world of makeup and skin care!

What are your top fall beauty essentials?

A multi use colour product Monochromatic makeup is back so find a great option that can cover off your lips, cheeks and eyes to get the most out of the trend AND make your makeup routine easier.

The Multistick in Blush Pearl by BITE, $24

Hydrating Hair Mask - After all the summer sun, grab a hydrating and nourishing hair mask to help bring some life back to your hair. Plus, this will help heal the hair after any major colour changes, since it seems *everyone* is colouring their hair this summer!

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque, $22.99


A Humidifier - No, seriously. It’s the best for your skin, will help your hair stay happy (it's easier to deal with frizzy hair vs. dry, damaged hair) but also your entire body will thank you! From the heels of your feet to your elbows and even the inside of your nose! When the temp changes from moist to super dry, nose bleeds are a thing!

An SPF - I'm putting this here because most people ditch the SPF when summer winds down but this is, and should be, just another step in your daily routine. Come rain, snow or sun, SPF is vital to help prevent UV damage to your skin.

Alumier MD, Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 40 Versatile Tint

A Beauty Supplement - it's not always about what you slap on the outside but also about what you're doing to your insides that have a huge impact on what your skin/hair/body look like! Consider upping your supplement game with a probiotic or an immune system booster. I'm a fan of trying to master gut-health, as I've traced some of my acne to possible poor digestive health! Multi-task-master here: I'm trying to heal my gut and my skin at the same time.

Are there any new products in the market we should be looking out for?

YES! But I should curb my enthusiasm and just pick a few, right?

XO skincare Calgary based facialist Annie Graham has created a simple, straight-forward and beautiful skin care line that is just begging for someone to pay attention! Thoughtfully formulated and expertly curated, the entire line is easy-to-use and understand. And I love that it's honest: It doesn't promise the world but it delivers you Good. Skin. Period. P.S. Leaping Buuny Certified cruelty free right here!

If I had to pick a few favs, I'd go for the multi-taskers: Atomic Calm for it's takes-care-of-it-all action and Lunar Veil because #1: it's a beautifully textured overnight mask and #2: it makes me feel like I've accomplished something by the morning.

Indeed Labs Bakuchiol Reface Pads I love this as a gentler, easy to use, non-scary alternative to a retinol product. If used improperly, Retinol can have some rough side effects on your skin but this is a naturally derived Retinol-alternative which is also dosed so well in these easy-to-swipe face pads.

Clairol Root Touch-Up Blending Gel I suffer from grey-dismay which means I am growing out my grey but SOME days, I'm looking for the old me: jet black hair, don't care. That is, however, until the next day when I am a-ok with my greys. Enter a NON-PERMANENT, ammonia-free fix for the greys!

This blending gel is *the best* thing to come on the market in a while for a few simple reason: packaging (it comes in a small tube, pre-mixed), application (the tube has a small brush on the end of it, for ease of spreading product) and wearability (no more harsh black colour staining my scalp!). The colour fades in 10 shampoos so now my hair matches my random feelings about my grey hair.

What's the secret to switching your beauty products properly to transition into the cooler weather?

Listen to your skin!

Don't immediately swap all your lighter products out on September 1st.

You should be reacting to it as it reacts to you! It’s the most important aspect of seasonal changes. And when you do notice something is happening, do it in stages. Don't immediately swap all your lighter products out on September 1st. Your skin will hate you. You'll be sad. Things will get worse from there. Instead, try slowly incorporating an oil into the end of the routine for some added boost and see how your skin reacts. Try a lighter oil, too, to start vs. dousing your face greasy oil that can't absorb. Good options to try: Squalane oil and Rosehip Seed Oil!

What are some items to ditch and remove from your makeup bag as we transition into the new season?

No need to ditch anything but consider formulations with weather changes ie: foundations, cream blushes, powders, etc.

consider formulations with weather changes

The drier outside, the more moisture your skin can use in both skin care and makeup!

One thing to watch for is your fading tan! Even if you've been super-duper diligent about your daily wear and reapplication of SPF, your skin probably shifted a shade or two in the summer, so consider your winter colour and summer colour of foundation mixing and mingling until your tan fades. A solid 50/50 mix should help with the in-between colour you'll be dealing with.

consider your hyaluronic acid usage and placement within your skin care routine

Regarding your skin, consider your hyaluronic acid usage and placement within your skin care routine.The drier weather outside and in (pumping the heat indoors dries everything up!) the hyaluronic acid could work against you and end up drying out your skin.

Reason: when you apply hyaluronic acid, it pulls moisture to itself, which is helpful when there is hydration around to be pulled to the skin. When the air is dry, you need to reconsider the placement of this in your routine and should be sealing it in for optimal results. I say pop this one on closer to the start of a routine and be sure your moisturizer has a good, solid barrier to lock the hydration into the skin.

be sure your moisturizer has a good, solid barrier to lock the hydration into the skin.

And personally: can I just ask that the neon colour trend be moved away from our faces and perhaps live on our nails instead?