Self Care O’Clock with Selling Sunset’s Maya Vander

Gorgeous Houses you can only dare to dream about? Check. Fierce Ladies with drool-worthy wardrobes? Check. Never-ending Drama? Check and check! When Selling Sunset first hit Netflix, even those of us who had no interest in Real Estate were hooked episode after episode. And now the show is back for its second season this Friday and we can't wait to continue and follow the lives of the top real estate brokers at the Oppenheim Group. Ahead of its season two premiere, we had the pleasure of chatting with one of the show's stars and top realtor, Maya Vander  who walks us through her self-care routine, what fans can expect this season and what she's most looking forward to after quarantine is over.

Hi Maya, thanks for chatting with us! First things first, how are you doing and what are you doing to stay sane during quarantine? ​

I am doing well! The situation is far from ideal for all of us, I have a one year old and he keeps me busy. I walk around my neighborhood to get fresh air - twice a day, I clean, I study to get my broker's license and try to join real estate webinars when I can.

I think it's safe to say, we are all very excited for the second season of Selling Sunset. We loved the first season and we can't wait to see what The Oppenheim Group is up to next. Can you give us a hint on what we can expect this season?

​We will see sexy beautiful homes, the ladies are dealing with challenges (real estate is most of the time not easy), you will see more personal stuff and we have a new girl in the office!

The Cast of Selling Sunset
The Cast of Selling Sunset

Many of us have been using this time to up our self-care game. Can you share with us what your self-care routine looks like?

​I keep it simple, thankfully I got my highlights done right before things started but as far as daily routine - I wash my face, I moisturize and all the basic care. I wish I was amazing with manis/pedis but this is where I'm lacking.

Let's chat skincare. Walk us through your skin-care regime. Any favourite products?

I love the Eight Hour® Cream by Elizabeth Arden. I apply it on my lips and I have been using it forever. I also use over the counter face/body products like Cetaphil and Aveeno. I recently bought a face moisturizer with a slightly tinted tone by Honest since I am not a fan of wearing heavy makeup. I find this product a good base.

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What's the number one thing you're looking forward to once quarantine is over? ​

Besides getting my nails done (not to sound shallow but for me this is a must) a good massage will be second and go out with my family on a nice beach day and of course resume showings/tour properties like the good old days. ​

Catch Season 2 of Selling Sunset this Friday, May 22nd on Netflix.