Self-Care O’Clock with Workin’ Moms’ Jessalyn Wanlim

If you are one of the few that has yet to watch Workin' Moms, well we suggest you get out from under that rock ASAP and prepare to binge-watch one of TV's funniest shows right now. Today, Netflix officially released the fourth season of the popular series, and we were lucky enough to catch up with one of our favourite characters on the show. Jessalyn Wanlim who plays the spunky Jenny Matthews, walks us through her self-care routine, what fans can expect from Jenny this season and what she's most looking forward to after quarantine is over.

Photo Credit: Bettina Bogar
Photo Credit: Bettina Bogar

Hi Jessalyn, thanks for chatting with us! First things first, how are you doing and what are you doing to stay sane during quarantine?

Oh geez, I think I'm doing fine?! (laughs) My son just turned 16 weeks, so I've basically been in quarantine since the beginning of the year! I'm not sure sanity is in my vocabulary at this point in time because we're new parents, and every day is a learning curve. I think it helps that everyday is literally the same routine with taking care of him. We're going through the hurdles of parenthood and are blessed with getting to spend all this time with him, so it's pretty awesome. It's a weird classification of what sane is right now! I mean, who is actually feeling normal with all of this going on?? It's literally INSANE.

Tell us about your role as Jenny Matthews on Workin' Moms and what can fans expect from her this season?

So Jenny's always been one to not really care what other people think of her or what she says and how she says it. She's going to march to the beat of her own drum regardless. She doesn't see her actions as selfish; they're just not the most thought-out motives, which inevitably get her in trouble. I'm really hoping that this season, the fans can see her in a different light. I personally think she's growing to be a powerhouse in her own right, and she definitely finds her own voice this season. I can't really spill the beans too much, but hopefully fans will be able to warm up to Jenny this season. Maybe? I have high hopes!

Jessalyn plays Jenny Matthews on Workin' Moms
Jessalyn plays Jenny Matthews on Workin' Moms

Many are using this time to up their self-care game. Can you share with us what your self-care routine looks like?

Oh my god, my self-care is when baby is sleeping! I try to nap when he naps. We got a Peloton coincidentally right before they shut down LA, so it's nice to hop on the bike or do one of their app workouts, even if it's just for 10 minutes. It totally depends on how long he's asleep for. We go on daily walks with our dog, and then after our early bird dinner, it's all about the baby!

Let's chat skincare. Walk us through your skin-care regime. Any favourite products?

I'm ALL about skincare because it's important to me. I use TATCHA's Deep Cleanse religiously. Then it's a whole order of operations. Reversa's Exfoliation Solution, Peach & Lily's Glass Skin Refining Serum and Matcha Pudding Antioxidant Cream. Then Reversa's Anti-wrinkle Cream with SPF for daytime. At night, I alternate between Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Face Oil or Chanel's Hydra Beauty Overnight Mask, depending on what my skin needs. Then it's Peach & Lily's May Coop's Raw Eye Contour before bed and their Shangree's Black Pearl Eye Masks in the morning. It's a lot of work, but when baby is sleeping, I enjoy the ritual.

What's the number one thing you're looking forward to once quarantine is over?

This is going to sound weird, but it's honestly the ability to socialize my son. We're freaking out that he's not able to interact with other humans right now, so I can't wait to introduce him to people that are not on Facetime or Whatsapp. A close second is going to get ice cream because ice cream gives me life!

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